Anthropomorphic Watercolour Paintings completed...

Original, Fine Art, Anthropomorphism, Wall Art, Watercolor, Clothes, Illustration

Animal, Clothes, Anthropomorphism, Original Art, Watercolor, Wall Art, Fine Art, Illustration

Animal, Clothes, Anthropomorphism, Watercolor, Paint, Fine Art, Original, Wall Art, Illustration Anthropomorphism, Zebra, Tiger, Dog, Flamingo, Historical, Watercolour, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Sketchbook

Lord Lionheart is completed, he was challenging and there was a moment that I thought I would have to start again, but nevertheless he was fun to do.  I am falling more in love with watercolours the more I paint with them, it's such a learning curve but I just love the magic that happens when they're left to do their own thing.  All in all it's been a super busy week, but my three paintings for Thursday's assessment are completed... phew!  I have also included a little montage of my sketches some of which may become future final pieces, so watch this space!